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Program Requirements

Air Force ROTC courses consist of two classes every week and a minimum of two exercise (Physical Training PT) sessions.  Courses are designed to teach leadership, communication skills, cultural lessons, airpower history, and other skills vital to leading in today's Air Force and Space Force.

To participate in Air Force ROTC, add the following to your schedule and attend class.  We'll cover programs to obtain an In College Scholarship in class.

NOTE: Air Force courses require an 80% attendance rate to receive a passing grade.
Courses are taught at the University of Kentucky.

If you are a student at one of our Crosstown campuses, contact us before coming out. There is potentially a carpool or other transportation available.

Fall | Spring

(AS 100)

AFS 111 | 113 Foundations of the USAF
AFS 112 | 114 Leadership Lab 

1 cr hour
1 cr hour

(AS 200)

AFS 211 | 213 Evolution of the U.S. Air Force
AFS 212 | 214 Leadership Lab 

1 cr hour
1 cr hour

(AS 300)

AFS 311 | 313 Air Force Leadership Studies
AFS 312 | 314 Leadership Lab

3 cr hours
1 cr hour

(AS 400)

AFS 411 | 413 National Security Studies and Preparation for Active Duty
AFS 412 | 414 Leadership Lab 

3 cr hours
1 cr hour

5th Year Students

See Commandant of Cadets


Physical Training*
(Every Semester)

Minimum twice per week at Det/CC discretion
(current scheduled 0600 Mondays and 1800 Thursdays for all cadets)


** Depending on your college, the course name may vary slightly (i.e. AES rather than AFS).  Search for the Aerospace courses and contact your instructor if you have any questions.


We're here to help.  Give us a call at (859) 257-7115 if you have any questions in registering for classes.


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