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Thank you for your interest in the United States Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) Detachment 290 at the University of Kentucky!  This website will provide basic information about our requirements and what ROTC can offer you.  We have also included our comprehensive information packet below for you to download/review.  Please contact us if you have any questions, we can be reached at (859) 257-7115 or at

Download: Detachment 290 Frequently Asked Questions Packet

Air Force ROTC is a college program offered at more than 1100 campuses across the country that prepares young men and women to commission and become officers (and leaders!) in the Air Force.  You will grow as an individual both mentally and physically while developing lifelong friendships. It is an opportunity to acquire strong leadership skills that will benefit you as an Air Force officer and in corporate America.  These are the same skills that will make you a better student and get the most from your college experience.  ROTC may also be an opportunity to pay for school through scholarships.  Also, unlike many college students, upon completing the program and receiving your commission, you will have a guaranteed job and career awaiting you after graduation at one of the top high-tech organizations in the world - the United States Air Force.

Our program typically starts in the first year of college and continues through to graduation. Another option is to join our three-year program, which is offered for those who have already completed one year of their undergraduate degree. In order to participate in Air Force ROTC, you must be enrolled as a full time student at a four-year university or selected crosstown school that offers the Air Force ROTC program.  "Crosstown" agreements allow students to enroll at UK's AFROTC Det 290 while completing their academic degree at another local institution.  Currently, the University of Kentucky’s AFROTC Detachment 290 has crosstown agreements with the following institutions:

  • Eastern Kentucky University
  • Transylvania University
  • Georgetown College
  • Asbury University
  • Centre College
  • Kentucky State University
  • Bluegrass Community and Technical College
  • Midway University

For links and additional information on our crosstown schools, please visit our Crosstown Schools page.


Although this provides a quick summary of the program, please take the time to explore the AFROTC website at for the most complete and up-to-date information.

Admission Requirements

  • Attend a college that offers AFROTC (full-time student status)

  • Enroll in AFROTC electives (AFS 111 & AFS 112)

  • Must maintain at least 2.0 GPA (2.5 if on scholarship)

  • Be in good physical shape

  • Have high moral character


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