New Cadet Orientation


Welcome new cadets!  This page will be your source of information for New Student Orientation (NSO), as well as multiple orientation videos you can use to prepare for your first day at Air Force ROTC at Detachment 290!   Our scheduled NSO dates are 12 August for the virtual welcome and 13 August for the in-person stations (uniform measurments, PT gear issue, photographs, and enlistment/contracting for all scholarship cadets).  Additional details will be emailed to you and posted here regarding the NSO events.

Please see the download links below to download your applicable packet with the paperwork we need you to complete prior to the start of the first semester.  These items need to be completed by 7 August 2020.  In addition to the paperwork below, you will need to register for an online account in our AFROTC "WINGS" program.  WINGS is used to store all your personal files and information in the AFROTC program.  You can set up your WINGS account at the link below, and refer to the WINGS Guide for additional help.
WINGS Application Guide


HSSP Cadets:

Contracted Packet
Scholarship Cadet Packet Instructions  


Non-Scholarship Cadets:

Non-Contracted Packet
Non-Scholarship Packet Instructions 


If you have any problems or have questions about the paperwork requirement for NSO, please don't hesitate to contact us at 859-257-7115 or  


AFROTC Detachment 290 Summer Orientation Video Series

The videos below are meant to help give you a jump start on your time in AFROTC.  They were developed by our cadets and cover a series of topics that will be very important for you right from day one.  Please watch all videos prior to the New Student Orientation (NSO) in mid-August.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at or (859) 257-7115.  

Welcome to AFROTC!

Lesson 1:  Introduction to AFROTC

Lesson 2:  (Part 1) Customs & Courtesies / Female Dress & Appearance Standards

                  (Part 2)  Male Dress & Appearance Standards

                  RESOURCE:  Air Force Instruction 36-2903, Dress & Appearance Regulation

Lesson 3:  Fitness Requirements and PT Expectations

                  RESOURCE:  Air Force Fitness Assessment Charts (Males and Females)

Lesson 4:  Time Management

                  (Part 2) ROTC Time Requirements

Lesson 5:  Classroom Procedures and Communication in ROTC

Lesson 6:  Leadership, Expectations, and Teamwork

Lesson 7:  New Student Orientation / Paperwork Instructions

Lesson 8:  Active Duty Life


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