What is the Mission?

As cadets in Air Force ROTC, our main mission is to earn a college degree, while learning what it takes to become a United States Air Force Officer. You can earn your degree without a commission, but you cannot earn a commission without a degree. Balancing your academics and cadet responsibilities teaches individuals work ethic. In addition, cadets use teamwork to ensure that we train efficiently and effectively. The cadets themselves operate the cadet wing, which provides excellent opportunities for individuals to understand followership and leadership. When you combine the work ethic, teamwork, followership, and leadership, it is a process that allows cadets to grow into excellent potential officers for the United States Air Force.

As a junior or senior in the program, you are a part of the Professional Officer Course, or POC.  As a POC, you lead the program.  It is your responsibility to oversee all of the cadets, ensure proper training, and coordinate with the cadre to make sure objectives are accomplished. Being in the POC challenges your leadership capabilities, but teaches a great deal about what it actually means to be an effective leader and military officer.

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