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Fall 2022 Air Force ROTC Commissioning Ceremony

The University of Kentucky Air Force ROTC celebrated the commissioning of 6 UK Students.

JROTC All Blue Sports Competition

UK AFROTC Cadets assist in Harrison County JROTC all blue sports competition 

The Honor Guard

The Detachment 290 Honor Guard is arguably the face of the Flying Wildcats. These cadets represent the detachment all over Lexington. Whether presenting the colors at Football and Basketball Games, assisting in a memorial ceremony for fallen veterans, or teaching young children how to fold the…

Det 290 Alumni

Detachment 290 has some amazing alumni! We are proud to have commissioned a large number of pilots that are stationed all over our great nation. We also have several Alumni serving overseas as Information Operations Officers, serving at The Pentagon as JAG Officers and spreading to every other…

Guest Speakers

AFROTC Detachment 290 thanks all those who have come to inform our cadets on what it is like in the Active Duty Air Force. These fine men and women over the years have briefed on Enlisted Relations, Joint Relations and everything in between. Whether it is a Staff Sergeant or a General, we…

Det. 290 Memorial Workouts

Detachment 290 is proud to honor the great men and women that have come before us through memorial workouts. We honor Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy and those other members of Operation Red Wings, Those Army Rangers who ran the Mogadishu Mile during Operation Gothic Serpent, and all those who have…

Field Training Distinguished Graduates 2018

The Detachment was lucky enough to have 3 cadets receive the title of distinguished graduate over the summer. This award is given to cadets who finish in the top 10 percent of their Field Training Encampment. Cadets Chambers, Cassem, and Cross all performed outstandingly and all ended up…

Spring 2018 In Review

As the semester comes to a close, lets reflect on a few of the memories we've made on the way towards the finish line!

Dining Out 2018

Every year Det 290 concludes our school year with Dining Out. Dining Out is a formal dinner where our cadet and distinguished quests invite their dates to enjoy good food, celebrate cadets' achievements, and say fair well to our commissioning cadets. 

Det 290's Final Photo

To conclude our 2018 Spring Semester Detachment 290 posed for a Wing wide photo in front of the University of Kentucky's main building! 

Andrews AFB Visit

In the beginning of April Det 290 took a weekend to get familiar with Andrews Air Force Base and Washington DC! From Air Force 2 to the White House, Det 290 had an amazing opportunity to get to know the Air Force Base where Americas top leaders fly out from and where they live. 


The German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge is a foreign military award that cadets can earn and wear on active duty. The GAFPB is awarded by members of the German military in Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels. Standards include a PT test, a timed ruck march, and shooting qualifications among other…

Water PT

At least once a semester Det 290 cadets will have the opportunity to have a "water pt". Which consists of various exercises and relay races. Swimming not your thing? That's okay, UK's swimming pool also has a shallow end where you can begin to build up your confidence. 

Red River Valley Fighter Pilots

For Lead Lab 9, Det 290 was accompanied by Red River Valley - Fighter Pilots Association. Amid mid-terms here at the University of Kentucky, our cadets took time to relax and enjoy BBQ & ice cream as we socialized with the River Rats as well. Afterwards, on behalf of the all the River…

Cadet Developement Stations

During Lead Lab 7 Det 290 cadets rotated between a variety of "Cadet Development" stations to learn from POC (Juniors & Seniors in ROTC). As cadet development sations came to a close our 200's who are preparing for field training this summer had the opportunity to practice folding their…

Flag Retirement Ceremony

American flags are to be retired with dignity and respect when they have become worn, torn, faded, or badly soiled. AFROTC Cadets at Detachment 290 take pride in wearing their Service Dress uniforms to perform a formal flag retirement ceremony. 

Air Force ROTC Cadets Run for POWs/MIAs

Air Force ROTC Cadets participated in the annual POW/MIA Run to honor the sacrifices of the nation’s prisoners of war and those still missing in action. ROTC cadets and faculty run 29 miles — from the UK campus in Lexington to the Kentucky Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Frankfort Kentucky— This…